There have been a few different movies and books that have been written about tennis heroes. Most of the novels and movies written pertain to overcoming particular challenges in their athletic careers as well as facing adversity. Wimbledon is an example of a movie that was made to portray the tennis stars monomyth. Along with the movie Wimbledon, two famous tennis players that have overcome adverse situations in their careers include, James Blake and Andre Agassi.

Wimbledon is a movie about talented young tennis player named Peter, who has been ranked 119 in the world. He earns a wildcard into the Wimbledon tournament. He resolves to quit after the last tournament when he is tired of dealing with the stress of playing a professional sport. He makes a vow to make the 2004 Wimbledon the last one he will participate in and carries on with his life by getting a job at a country club as well. As Wimbledon draws closer Peter becomes infatuated with a girl called Lizzie Bradbury a young American tennis pro. Peter falls in love with Lizzie and starts to actually get better at tennis as well. While their relationship evolves their tennis abilities evolve too. Peter eventually advances into the semi-finals and wins that match in straight sets and much focus. On the other hand we see Lizzie who loses her match because a lost of focus and she ends up heading back to America. Peter’s final match is incredibly intense in that it is against a player with whom he had fought with about Lizzie. He ends up winning the title with Lizzie by his side to cheer him. The story goes through a whole world wind of trials and tribulations consisting of the love for tennis and the love for another person. Peter faces a true monomyth throughout this decision to quit tennis because of his frustration with not being good enough. He then decides to take on a relationship, which could have gone either way.


James Blake

James Blake has overcome substantial adversity in his lifetime. He is an American professional and number 138 in the world currently. His life has for sure not been easy, which is why many consider him a hero. At the age of five him and his brother started playing tennis. At the age of thirteen was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, which left him wearing a full length back brace for 18 hours a day excluding when he would play tennis. Yet he knew that it was not time to give up on tennis.
In 2004, Blake broke his back in an accident on the court. He was running at full pace for a ball and hit the net post head on.;photovideo

Arthur Ashe

Monica Seles

Andre Agassi