Welcome to Your Hero Wiki!

There is a wiki page for every group's final project. Each group member can access their wiki page to add, subtract, connect, communicate. Whatever is left at midnight Monday, January 24 is what will be graded for the wiki portion of your final in this course.

Wiki Instructions:

Each group will decide on a theme related to the ideas discussed in class. Develop ma series of questions that will answer through research and exploration and connection. You will research your ideas and connections about your theme and post a collaborative work that includes artwork, video clips and/or links, as well as original writing that explores your ideas. Your research should include academic integrity and proper citation.
For example, let's say my group chooses Mafia stereotypes as its theme. We will pose questions about catholic and Sicilian or Italian stereotypes and whether or not these have been unfairly suggested or promoted through modern pop culture media images, in tv, film, fashion, and music. See my "Mafia Sample" as a small example of how this wiki product will look.

Your wiki research will also be used to compose your oral presentation (final exam grade) for class on Tuesday, January 24.