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    a theme realtedrelated to the
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  1. page Group TWO edited ... Golf- Brennan Stewart Baseball- Tony Rizzuto Works Cited Agassi, Andre. Open: an Autobi…
    Golf- Brennan Stewart
    Baseball- Tony Rizzuto
    Works Cited
    Agassi, Andre. Open: an Autobiography. New York: A. Knopf, 2009. Print.
    A League of Their Own. Dir. Penny Marshall. Columbia Pictures: 1992, Film.
    "Miracle - Coach Brooks Addresses Team Pregame."YouTube. Web. 23 Jan 2011. <//>.
    Miracle on Ice. Dir. Gavin O’Connor. Walt Disney Pictures: 2004, Film.
    2011. <>. "On"On This Day:
    2011. <> "Satchel"Satchel Paige." Google.
    "Soviet_Old_Soviet_Uni." Google Images. Web. 24 Jan 2011.
    "Sports2." Iron Shaddows. Web. 24 Jan 2011. <>.
    Wimbledon Wallpaper. Digital image. Scenic Reflections. 2010. Web. 24 Jan. 2011. <>.
    Group 2: Heroes in Sports
    Good clear thesis & structure: the worship of athletes as heroes
    nice introduction to both group members and their topic – clear thesis * ideas
    good introduction
    good selection of clips as well
    need sturdier connection to clip of Lou Gehrig
    Gehrig as a man who became more than an athlete – slow down and make a clearer connection on this – heroes in sports last long (er?) when they show themselves to be more than exceptional players, but exceptional people
    Heroes in baseball (awk transition)
    Baseball in history – being a barrier-breaker for gender and for race take the time to define these as CULTURAL HEROES
    Women in a sport became a symbol for? How is this applied to the monomyth?
    Satchel Paige (prior to Civil Rights) 42 year old rookie
    this is a much stronger connection to your HERO theme than the League of Their Own (weaker)
    Ty Cobb as an anti-hero – nice background and life details (good research)
    make a clear connection here to the monomyth? No funeral attendees despite his playing record (because he was a mean dude) – compare to Gehrig (good player, beloved)
    Hockey (1980 Olympic play-offs)
    Cold War context needed to be discussed prior to the clip – very important element to this narrative Americans viewed themselves as heroes and underdogs (a defining cultural viewpoint for Americans) and Russians were demonized in our culture – so defeating them in a sports arena had greater significance (symbolism) –
    good clear connections - these men became more than players, but heroes to a nation
    nice transition to FOOTBALL
    “Heart doesn’t win football games” - the total commitment to a higher/greater end (which type of hero is not about personal glory but about a larger goal?) make clear connections between heroes who are born great (Gehrig) and those who work for it (Rudy) there are different kinds of heroes – even in the sports world – make sure you are presenting this clearly (good to have clips, but you have to connect them with original ideas/language)
    The tale of Rudy clearly follows the hero’s journey (monomyth)
    The story of Michael needed a bit more, Rudy a bit less (could have streamlined this language)
    are there graphics for Michael (rather than the cover of the book?)
    Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Player – consider similar narratives that can be pulled from modern news stories:
    Cinderella Man – nice concise summary and connections
    sports heroes with varied motivations
    Rocky- the ultimate underdog tale?
    Heroes who have poor backgrounds, crappy jobs, and questionable histories
    (did you know Stallone wrote this screenplay in two weeks’ time?)
    GREAT slide of connections HWY are they Heroes – although need more appropriate tone & language in them (they “stick to” the monomyth)
    Heroes don’t necessarily want to win the prize, but consider themselves winners when they accomplish personal goals (sometimes just surviving is winning)
    Tennis – stand up straight to deliver your portion of the presentation
    good summary of obstacles – but need to emphasize how these made him a hero?
    Could have summarized Blake and discussed Agassi, then moved on
    GOLF – excellent part of the presentation – clear connections to the elements of HEROES – cultural heroes who overcome the big obstacles that were (are?) inherent in being good at this elitist sport)
    magical elements included – clear connection to the traditional monomyth
    Caddyshack – film highlights the stereotypes of golf – Noonan as an anti-hero? (smoke pot, tries to win a scholarship by using “diplomatic” networks rather than faith in his playing ability) I like this addition but better in the wiki than in the presentation?
    Greatest game – good example consider clip rather than Caddyshack addition?
    Less summary and more connection
    Your group didn’t really consider putting all of your research together in a cohesive way – smashed all of each person’s contributions in which resulted in a Loooooong presentation (longest of the day, in fact!) Since there were so many members, one each would have been the best path to take.
    PPT – film clips integrated and working (yay!)
    some of the slides were too crowded (too many word) you want your audience to listen rather than read
    Also – TOO MUCH – the challenge here is to take the “best bits” of the wiki and put them into a presentation not ALL of the wiki elements…
    ONE or TWO (tops) of each sport would have been plenty to fulfill the presentation time!
    Body language – very nice overall - don’t use the podium as a crutch
    Take hands out of pockets
    Uh/um – awful lots of these
    Some Class Notes:
    video clip used to illustrate points – hockey clip was best
    interesting topic – and they seemed interested in it too
    I thought the presentation was put together well and inspirational
    don’t lean on the podium while you speak – this makes you look lazy & sloppy
    Miracle speech was cool but she took too long to explain how it connected to the main idea of the overall presentation
    good speakers, SLOW pace
    too long/way too long – X8
    nice relatable topic – interesting
    could have been more clear with the underdog connections
    Miracle speech was cool/best/good example – X6
    everyone loves an underdog!
    opening speaker needed to be more concise
    first speaker has too much responsibility (?)
    groups members need to relax (smile) a little
    very prepared, overall good body language
    Rudy clip was cool/best – X2
    boxing section very well done – very energetic
    Golf section – enthusiastic, knowledgeable, really really well done
    both videos supported perfectly the unspirational elements of sports heroes
    tennis segment was weakest – too much Unimportant detail – too many examples
    All seemed very knowledgeable and prepared
    each seemed interested in the other members while they spoke – very ncie
    Lou Gherig speech was best/best connection – X4
    speakers seemed comfortable (maybe TOO – leaning on the podium)
    I liked the Cinderella Man connection
    the first person spoke for 21 minutes – that’s the whole original time slot dude!

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  2. page GROUP FOUR edited ... GREEK GODS & HEROES, TERMINATOR & THE MATRIX (By: Samantha Davis) ... the article …
    (By: Samantha Davis)
    the article “Predestination�Predestination in ancient
    the Terminator Films”Films� by Hanna
    the question “is�is our future
    supposed to be?”be?� (99). The
    out, a heroes’heroes� fate can
    the Gods; “divine�divine intervention seems
    in the matter”matter� (99). Achilles’Achilles� story is
    the Gods; “Achilles,�Achilles, son of
    his mind midway”midway� (Roisman, 99).
    to take “a substitute”�a substitute� instead, giving
    It represents Oedipus’ “determinationOedipus� �determination to use
    left to him…thehim�the rebellion against
    subdued by it”it� (Roisman, 102).
    In today’stoday�s modern society,
    to Ancient Greek’sGreek�s theory of
    control of humans’humans� fate. In Roisman’sRoisman�s article, the
    with Arnold Schwarzenegger’sSchwarzenegger�s character “the Terminator”�the Terminator� who has
    with the world’sworld�s future leader or “hero.”�hero.� This hero
    and the Terminator’sTerminator�s goal is
    after the Terminator’sTerminator�s arrival, Kyle
    future. However, Reese’sReese�s message is
    tells Sarah “what�what can happen”happen� whereas the
    always told “what�what will happen.”happen.� Even though Reese’sReese�s message implies that “the�the human ability
    shape the future”future� (Roisman, 104)
    Connor, we don’tdon�t know if
    literature, the “the�the masters and
    of human destiny”destiny� in the
    aware computers “…�� not only
    what might happen”happen� (Roisman, 107).
    question of “what�what is real?”real?� Although the
    than a “simulated reality”�simulated reality� created by
    The character “Neo”�Neo� who is
    discovers this “truth”�truth� of the
    able to “bend�bend the simulation’ssimulation�s laws of physics”physics� which can
    scenes where Neo’sNeo�s character is
    the group “unplug”�unplug� represents “the�the wise old man”man� in this
    Neo is “the one,”�the one,� a man
    to meet “the Oracle”�the Oracle� informs Neo
    is not “the One.”�the One.� Towards the
    love with “the One.”�the One.� Refusing to accept Neo’sNeo�s death, she
    him and Neo’sNeo�s heart begins
    Below is a clip of when Neo learns the truth of the Matrix, which is a fabulous example of the theme discussed above of the idea of a God/higher being/Superhuman Computer/Force that is in control of our life.
    (By: Chis Bresnahan)
    The Iliad is a long epic poem written by Homer that transcribes the accounts of the Trojan War, a war between Greeks and the Trojans. Troy is a movie that is based off of the Iliad. Many people think that Troy did Homer an injustice in the way that the epic was transformed into the big screen. The movie does have some distinct differences from the original epic, but there are also very important parts that stay the same. Achilles is the main character of both The Iliad and of Troy, he is the best warrior anyone has ever seen and he fights for the Greeks. He does not get along with the ruler of Greece, Agamemnon, so Achilles is trying to decide whether he will go and fight in the war. Achilles consults his mother who is a nymph. In both the epic and in the movie she tells Achilles that if he goes to war he will die, but his name will live on forever. Having considered this prophecy told to him by his mother, Achilles still decides that he wants to go to war. This is a very important scene in both the Iliad and Troy because this is when Achilles makes the decision to go to war. It may seem like he is choosing his own destiny, but in reality he is just fulfilling the prophecy that his mother had told to him. Achilles could stay back home and live on forever but no one will remember who he was or what he had done, which was not his destiny. His destiny was to become the greatest warrior of all time and he fulfilled this destiny when he went to fight in the Trojan War.
    Achilles for Hector’sHector�s body back. Hector is Priam’sPriam�s son who
    to get Hector’sHector�s body back
    his dead son’sson�s life. This
    that Achilles isn’tisn�t just a
    affect the people’speople�s decisions and
    that they weren’tweren�t influenced as
    should and shouldn’tshouldn�t have been
    leaving the God’sGod�s role in
    (By: Dylan Clark)
    Two Important Scenes:
    (Achaean) and Agamemnon’sAgamemnon�s (Trojan) duel
    - she talks Achilles out of it
    - she loves the Achaeans; like Hera (her mother) and hates the Trojans
    Athena gives Diomedes (Achaean) superhuman strength (book 5)
    - to take revenge on Pandarus (Trojan)
    there are “higher powers”�higher powers� at work
    of these heroes’heroes� lives and
    Dark Knight, etc…)etc�) transition from
    these so-called “pawns”?�pawns�? Why did
    directly affecting Achilles’Achilles� journey/destiny or
    he has “other people”�other people� telling him
    Athena again intervenes when she give Diomedes, an Achaean, super human strength in Book 5. He is wounded by Pandarus, a Trojan, and prays to Athena to give him the ability to avenge his wound. Athena gets in the middle and gives him powers that he would never have if not for her. This is a perfect example of the gods and goddesses becoming involved in the lives of others. Athena wants the Achaeans to win the war against the Trojans and she will stop at nothing to get her way (Homer).
    help from “higher powers”.�higher powers�. He consults
    emphasize King Leonidas’Leonidas� hubris. Although
    Harry Potter Series: The Chamber of Secrets and The Goblet of Fire
    needing some “guidance”.�guidance�. Popular culture
    to the “underdog hero”�underdog hero� or reluctant
    even though he’she�s not big
    serves as Harry’s “higher power”Harry�s �higher power� that allows
    a hero doesn’tdoesn�t need to
    him because he’she�s ordinary and
    is offered. “Men,�Men, women, and
    people and today’stoday�s children are
    in the movie”movie� (Bailey, 4).
    his father. “The�The Mirror of
    family is true”true� (Black, 240).
    leads the “Deatheaters”,�Deatheaters�, who want
    Although Ron and Hermione help Harry throughout all seven of the books, the most telling way others can be seen interfering with his journey by helping him is in the fourth book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In this book/movie, there is a Tri-Wizard Tournament. Student wizards from all around the globe come to Hogwarts to compete in the tournament. Harry is not old enough to participate, but somehow he is entered into the tournament. It is decided that he must participate, and he receives help along the way. The help was given to him so that he could later be killed, but he was still being guided towards a certain place that was wanted by someone else. In this case, that person happened to be Barty Crouch (Deatheater), who was in disguise the entire movie and wanted Harry dead (Goblet of Fire). The assistance in the tournament that Harry received caused him much danger and almost got him killed. That is why it is an example of him receiving outside guidance to meet the needs of someone else.
    Overall, the shift from higher power guidance in heroes to independence (modern films) back to the guidance aspect of the hero needing some guidance in Harry Potter, is evident when looking at these films and literature. We see Greek heroes getting assistance from the gods in The Iliad and then we see a Greek hero being influenced by modern fim making in 300, when Kin
    independent and doesn’tdoesn�t rely on
    hero more “independent”�independent� to make
    the true “Greek”�Greek� ways with
    for the “Harry Potter”�Harry Potter� characters (heroes
    Heroes that don’tdon�t do it
    (By: Samantha Davis)
    Odysseus, from Homer’sHomer�s book, The
    meaning and it’sit�s not difficult
    the movie, O’BrotherO�Brother Where Art
    Tiresias, from Odysseus’sOdysseus�s visit to
    scene from O’BrotherO�Brother Where Art
    to rob Everett’sEverett�s companion Pete
    sleeps with Odysseus’Odysseus� men and
    into the “travelling�travelling bible salesman”salesman� with an
    one monomyth “step”�step� that both
    Odyssey and O’BrotherO�Brother Where Art
    instead of “the romance”�the romance� of the
    hindering the heroes’heroes� abilities to
    (By: Kirsten Holland)
    (By: Zack Lightman)
    and he doesn’tdoesn�t care who
    but he doesn’tdoesn�t want to
    (By: Zack Lightman)
    who becomes Perseus’sPerseus�s main love
    human. He doesn’tdoesn�t change his attitude until Hades’Hades� treachery is
    (By: Kyle Webb)
    that the “good”�good� gods have
    today. In “Clash�Clash of the Titans”Titans� Hades is
    to thwart Perseus’sPerseus�s attempts to
    many of Hades’Hades� creatures Perseus
    We see this depiction of Hades as the evil character in the story still today. We substitute his character for someone else but use the same format the Greeks developed longago. In modern day films like Robin Hood, Braveheart, Harry Potter, etc. evil is always apposing the hero. The hero is facing an evil that is bigger than him, an evil that would seem almost impossible to defeat. This problem is the same that the Greek heroes face in trying to defeat Hades and his monsters. Hades is a god and the heroes are just men, or a demigod in some cases. In either case there chances for success are always slim and their chances for death are high. The consistencies between heroes in Greek literature and Heroes in our modern day literature are easily noticed.
    These hero characters we create were all born into impoverished or broken homes. They are people that no one would ever think would rise to be a hero one day. In Clash of the Titans Perseus is just the son of a poor fisherman, until we find later that he is the son of Zeus. Much like Perseus, William Wallace is the son of a farmer. We love to hear these stories of men that were greater than their birthright should allow. These stories are the basis of the American motto, that anyone can be great and have a successful life if they work hard and defeat that evil that is trying to hold them back. In the real world this evil is often times a broken home or a bad neighborhood that a young man is working hard to escape. In Greek mythology the problem is more dramatic but the core problem remains the same. Not only will they have to defeat the physical evil that they must face in Hades, an evil King, or cultural hurdles, every hero must face their own personal evil in their societal status, and rise above those to defeat their physical evil.
    O'Brother Where Art Thou. Dir. Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. Perf. George Clooney and John Goodman. Touchstone, 2001. DVD.
    Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Dir. Chris Columbus. Perf. Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario. Fox 2000 Pictures, 2010. DVD.
    Petroff, Jacob. "Ovid°.""Ovid�." Encyclopaedia Judaica.
    Hanna M., “Predestination�Predestination in Greek
    the Terminator Film.”Film.� Classical and
    Shakespeare, William, and Benjamin Britten. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Dir. Dave Heather. Television South. TVS, United Kingdom, 1981. Television.
    Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Ed. Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. New York: Washington Square, 2009. Print.
    Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Ed. Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. New York: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2009. Print.
    Smith, Jason, “The�The Odyssey of O’Brother,O�Brother, Where Art Thou?”Thou?� Weblog entry.
    The Matrix. Dir. Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. Perf. Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Warner Home Video, 1999. DVD.
    Troy Dir. Wolfgang Peterson. Perf. Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom Brad Pitt. 2004.
    Hi Group FOUR! (Feel freeGroup 4: Greek and Roman Heroes
    Good clear thesis & structure: the creation of the monomyth that paved the way for modern heroes
    nice introduction
    to change yourboth group name once you've chosen your theme!)
    Stephanie Lindeman ( Lightman (
    Kyle Webb (
    Carolyn Macaulay ( Davis (
    Chris Bresnahan (
    xCaitlin Clarke Holland (
    Dylan Clark (
    You can edit (remove
    members and their topic � clear thesis * ideas
    good integration of research � �is our future predetermined?�
    Achilles, Oedipus � nice Greek lit connections
    the message) as you please, starting today! The first ordercultural acceptance of business isgos controlling our lives � freedom of choice/action manipulated
    nice modern connection
    to choose a theme for your group's wiki sosci-fi narratives that research, readinguses god or god-like entities that guide or control our fate - the blurred lines of past and viewingpresent and the idea that these can begin ASAP! Tha main pagebe altered
    very interesting connection to the end result being unavoidable � like Oedipus
    nice connection/analogy
    of the wiki has instructions and there isOracle role
    Nice transitions (oracle) to the Matrix
    Matrix (referenced quite
    a "Mafia" page that servesbit in our textbook � did you use our textbook as an exampleadditional source for your research wiki?)
    A little less summary
    of how the final mash-uptexts/films and a little more application/connection to your thesis
    omniscient being � god � gods VERSUS free
    will look here in Wikispaces. You can communicate through the wiki, through email, or through the BB Discussion Board, (or by text/phone) - just be sure all group members
    Compare and contrast of Iliad and Troy (film)
    idea that heroes
    are "in the loop" about your overall plannot just glory-hounds, but also have a sense of honor/respect for even their woes
    Achilles � motivations for being a hero whose name lasts forever - nice clip integration
    Greek�s value fame
    and longevity of their designated roles.You can edit (removenarratives more than they value their life � is this idea seen in modern narratives? Modernizing the message)story means removing the GODS from the narratives � very interesting!
    as you please, starting today! The first order of businessseen in modern narratives/films
    Not seeing a clear connection hterte � how
    is to chooseAgammenon stealing a theme forgirl an �outside� force in the life of a hero?
    Modern heroes have to fit their CULTURE � this seems to be more of
    your group's wiki so that research, readingthesis (in �higher powers� segment) What Greeks (ancient) value or Spartans (Leonitus was NOT a Greek) are not the same as modern western values � freedom to think and viewing can begin ASAP! Tha main pageact
    Interesting connection
    of modern literature = to Dumbledore in the wiki has instructionsmodern epic, becomes a more relatable hero (Harry too) because he makes mistakes and thereneeds help from his friends (although some of them are magical, which is a "Mafia" page that serves as an exampleimportant connection)
    Odyssey and O Brother � great addition
    good explanation
    of how the final mash-up will look herenarratives
    AWK connection to the religion
    in Wikispaces. You can communicate through the wiki, through email, or throughfilm and the BB Discussion Board, (or by text/phone) - just be sure all group members are "ingods of the loop" about your overall plan and their designated roles.
    xYou will:You will:
    x1. Choose a theme (ex: Mafia stereotypes) that can
    Greek origins � this needed to be clearly seen/researche in both literature and film. Then1. Choosebetter rehearsed � a theme (ex: Mafia stereotypes) that can be clearly seen/researche in both literaturebit less summary and film. Then
    x2. Ask a series of questions
    bit more connection to be answered (ex: what are the origins? most common traits? significance? cause/effects? cultural/societal connections? predictionsmonomyth � seem to lose your thread (consistency)
    Pyamus and Thisbe (Shaks clip/lit addition is nice) � roots
    of trends?)2. Ask a seriesnarrative that become famed �star-crossed lovers� - very nice
    Nice explanation of how these heroes follow the path
    of questionsthe monomyth (tragic heroes are still heroes!) � Shakespeare adds FATE as an important hero element
    Good discussion � maintained clear connection
    to be answered (ex: whatyour group�s thesis
    HADES � this segment began at 32 minutes into the prez!! I realize that we
    are the origins? most common traits? significance? cause/effects? cultural/societal connections? predictions of trends?)
    x3. Collect pieces of literature and films
    being loose with time, but this shows that support your ideas about your groups's theme. This includes conducting academic research, consulting experts, researching litrary crticismsgroup has not rehearsed as well as consuming source materials.)3. Collect pieces of literature and films that supporta group to judge your ideas about your groups's theme. This includes conducting academic research, consulting experts, researching litrary crticismstime or share equally in the time limit � Whew!
    Zach (notecards)
    as well as consuming source materials.)
    x4. Then compose oroginal writing discussing your ideas
    PPT- good clear compare and research and POST in your group's wiki. Compose your writing in a Word document, then cut & paste so you do not risk losing your work in transit. (I also suggest that atcontrast � but how does this relate to the topmonomyth thesis of your wiki, you start an outline, which stays there while composition/contribution is on-going. This will help the entire group see what has been submittedgroup? I like the compare and what still needscontrast of these films/interpretations of the text, but there seems to be done,some miscommunication as to the processcentral theme you are all pursuing�
    Overcoming Social Status AWK segment� no need to read these slides to us (we are literate) instead you should elaborate on these bullets points.
    Less summary and more analysis! Perseus has ZEUS as a dad (this
    is happening.)4. Then compose oroginal writing discussingan important detail you�ve omitted�oops)
    your ideasgroup struggled with a lack of cohesion and research and POST in your group's wiki. Compose your writing in
    Did each segment show
    a Word document, then cut & paste so you do not risk losing your work in transit. (I also suggest that atclear connection to the topmonomyth? Lots of your wiki, you start an outline, which stays there while composition/contribution is on-going. This will helpdiscussion about the entire group see what hasconnections to religion, gods, the role of Fate/destiny, etc. but needed clear connections to the thesis
    Several slides are crowded � OBrother could have
    been submitted andseveral slides (show for instance what still needs to be done, as the processSirens in ancient literature looked like (paintings, renderings) versus the washwomen in the river (in O Brother)
    Also � TOO MUCH � the challenge here
    is happening.)
    The final wiki needs
    to havetake the equivalent�best bits� of 10-12 pages worththe wiki and put them into a presentation not ALL of original writing in addition to photos, images, music and/or lyricsthe wiki elements�
    Body language � very nice overall , but clear lack of cohesion � audience lost focus
    as well as film clips and citationa result
    Uh/um � awful lots
    of original text materials (including movie quotesthese
    Some Class Notes:
    Midsummer was best segment/clip � X6
    everyone looked involved
    and literary textsinterested
    midsummer section was most concise- made a good point
    most were monotone
    and criticisms). Whatever remainseven though they are well informed, peoples attention was lost
    Need more graphics to keep the attention/grab the eye
    I really liked the Hades comparison
    overall good info, but not very engaging
    I got super bored
    one girl said �um� so many times I couldn�t listen to her anymore
    got bored with droning information � too much Unimportant info
    good body language, but some looked bored when not speaking (distracting)
    on midnight Sunday, Jan. 23 will be considered SUBMITTED and will be graded as such.The final wiki needsway too long to keep my attention
    have been presented more concisely
    Try part was very good � clip supported his idea well
    Should�ve had a Harry Potter clip!
    I think your purpose was clear, the concept is well known though � you didn�t explore anything we didn�t already know. This is why it was so hard to keep
    the equivalentattention of 10-12 pages worth of original writing in additionyour audience. First speaker seemed to photos, images, music and/or lyrics as well as film clips and citationhave too much responsibility.
    Odyssey V. OBrother was cool, but breakdown
    of original text materials (including movie quotes and literary texts and criticisms). Whatever remains on midnight Monday Jan 24 willevery character not necessary � EDIT
    Troy was best � X3
    Terminator, Matrixc examples were best/cool � X3
    Very long/Too long � X12
    Zach did a good job engaging the audience
    Shakespeare/Pyramus & Thisbe connection was best
    cut some details people!
    too many likes, uhs, ums,�
    overall nice, but
    be considered SUBMITTED and will be graded as such.
    xHappy Reading/Researching/Viewing!!Happy Reading/Researching/Viewing!!
    Mrs. S.Mrs. S.
    sure to separate historical lit from Hollywood versions
    they seemed bored with themselves
    they obviously did a lot of research but how are these the most engaging bits?

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    8:14 am
  3. page GROUP ONE edited ... Toy Story. Dir. John Lasseter. Disney Pixar. 1995. Film. “Martin Luther King "I have a …
    Toy Story. Dir. John Lasseter. Disney Pixar. 1995. Film.
    “Martin Luther King "I have a dream."” 5 September 2006. Online video clip. YouTube. Accessed on 20 January 2011.
    Group 1: Heroes through the eyes of children
    nice introduction to both group members and their topic – clear thesis * ideas
    video of children describing super power – strong, brave, powers, save people
    rescue cats in trees, turning invisible, parents – very creative, engaging
    younger ages – magical, mystical “two princesses – make me happy”
    older ages – more realistic (world-based) heroes
    nice solid thesis – as children grow older, their exposure to heroes and ideas about heroes broaden…
    Nice integrated research – surveys that asked children who do you admire?
    nice stats, but support these with examples from your applications/connections (film and literature) rather than regurgitate the main idea over and over again, provide specific illustrations and support that show these ideas in practice – less research, more examples
    For example – 37% of kids say that heroes need to be kind, understanding –(morals, ethics)
    Give an example so support this!
    27% said heroes need to be physically skilled (athletes, etc.)
    Give an example!
    Awk transition to discussion of gender roles
    Difficulties with film clips (why are these not working in Prezi?)
    Not seeing clear connections between HERO connection in Shrek – seems to be more focused on gender ideas – which is OK – but you need to make these connections clearer (Mulan has commonalities with Antigone, for instance)
    Is Tiana a cultural hero? Is she a regular person thrust into extraordinary circumstances?
    Not understanding the ToyStory connection – AWK
    To make comparisons with older films/images, you needed to first establish the old archetype – what did they look like? Why did they get changed?
    You’ve drifted off topic it seems – I like that you consider the historical inaccuracies of films/characters like Pocahontas, but you need to make clear connections to your thesis – Disney is suggesting that to be a hero, you have to look a certain way as well as act a certain way?
    I like the Grimm discussion, but perhaps this should have come earlier – establish origins before you discuss how these have been transformed (by Disney and others) in modern times
    GRIMM stories follow the monomyth – do the modern tales?
    I can answer the step-mother question – the reason they are STEP mothers is to establish not only the pity of being “motherless” or orphaned but also so that there is no clear link between the evil of one generation to the next. Snow White can’t be pure if her own mother was a raving bitch… get it? Same with Cinderella, Riding Cap/Hood,…
    Nice addition to the prezi but too much summary – we know the stories! Get to the analysis of how these stories work in the greater context of your group’s inquiry
    GRIMM stories were not written for children, were they? This is missing piece of your research… transforming oral narratives into children’s stories…
    MARVEL comics and the images heroes for children
    no notecards – good addition to discussion but was rushed
    Heroes as living duel lives? (no discussion on this?)
    Superman as father of all male heroes
    Spiderman as the teen hero
    mystical elements of the old stories given modern touches (radioactive spider) – take your time and make these clear connections
    Video games that are based on comic heroes
    Batman (also a duel identity – no discussion of this connection?)
    Batman has skills and WEALTH instead of magical powers – this is important, as this is a storyline seen in many other comics (most recently Ironman)
    I like the MLK addition – perhaps having a clip from a speech instead of summarizing him as a “really good guy” (quite the understate
    Graphics (Yay! Used Prezi! I mean ARG!!! )
    Some of the prezi bulleted lists (ones with blue background) not as easy to read (text and background competing colors)
    Body language – very nice overall
    Uh/um – awful lots of these
    Also – TOO MUCH – the challenge here is to take the “best bits” of the wiki and put them into a presentation not ALL of the wiki elements… You lose points for cohesion, as this seemed like 6 mini presentations, not one with a common thesis…
    Some Class Notes:
    Lots of visual aids in the beginning (not enough interest later)
    obviously knowledgeable, but we don’t need to know your whole wiki - X3
    video of kids was too long – edit or stop it short
    everyone seemed interested in everyone else’s part
    intro was good but clip went too long
    Prezi looked very cool – X9
    good body language
    The detail of every fairy tale wasn’t necessary – tell us something we don’t know – X5
    good thesis/idea
    Slow down Steph. Also, you have good insights, but your tone wasn’t always appropriate
    Prezi was impressive!
    Good presentation, strong energy
    The kids were awesome! X7
    too much time retelling stories – X4
    some people were fidgety when not presenting
    a couple people looked bored – that was distracting
    Prezi was really cool
    good usage of video and prezi
    Way too long though – X8
    Obviously well –researched
    the princess comparison stuck out the most – X2
    very casual (some TOO casual) but very engaging and interesting overall
    too many themes – not all clearly connected – X5

    (view changes)
    7:24 am
  4. page Group FIVE edited ... V for Vendetta. Dir. James McTeigue. Perf. Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves. DVD…
    V for Vendetta. Dir. James McTeigue. Perf. Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert
    Graves. DVD, 2006. DVD.
    Group Five: Motivations of Heroes
    – good overview to the entire theme (all segments)
    nice introduction to both group members and their topic – clear division
    - several members dressed up (nice!)
    Start with Patton – quotes from the film – perhaps better to have an excerpt – George C Scott has such a presence – use it!
    American Gangster (Frank Lucas, based on a real person) motivated by money – brutality as a result of the rise to power
    Fahrenheit 451 – excellent literary addition into your theme!
    Understanding that following the rules is sometimes isn’t the right thing to do – solid connections to the hero themes in V for Vendetta too – the idea of rebuilding/creating a new society/structure (overthrowing a corrupt dictatorship)
    Oppression as motivation – you can only push so much against the human spirit
    revenge as motivation – nice connection to audience (HUMAN emotions, not necessarily a HERO emotion) compare and contrast between V and Hamlet – excellent!
    Hamlet as a reluctant hero – we are reluctant as readers to love him because he appears so wishy-washy – we LONG to see Hamlet become a man of more direct action where the audience is not sure how to feel about the brutality of V (whose actions are no-less supported by intellect and calculation as Hamlet’s) who uses a full frontal attack on those he sees as corrupt. (Both actually use poison in creative ways, though…)
    Joan of Arc – good history versus the modern interpretations of it Religious Motivations
    Usually people who see visions are not acceptable reasons to commit acts (good or bad) we lock these people up (LOVE Dustin Hoffman in this BTW)
    Constantine – religiously motivated (sort of) because he’s reluctant hero
    Condemned to deport demons in the slim hope that he can tip the balances in his favor
    Gabriel’s faith versus Constantine’s state of limbo – slow down and perhaps explain this a bit more thoroughly (assuming a catholic/religious background of your audience)
    Antigone – political and religion were one and the same in Ancient Greece – nice connections
    LOVE as motivation:
    saving or winning a love through actions – good solid connections(NICE transition of Greek literature/narratives) women as prizes for heroic actions
    very creative connection to Pirates of Carribbean!
    monomyth of Will Turner – very nice insertion of the film clips
    Conclusion with its own slide summary – but the quote there was very nice (more time on this)
    plenty of time to make these connections - ??
    Body language – very nice overall – nervous but that’s OK
    uh/um – awful lot of these
    Some Class Notes:
    Nice tie, Geoff
    American Gangster clip showed a strong emotional element, left an impression
    Good overall presence for group
    some looked bored – hands in their pockets
    OK movement from piece to piece
    American gangster clip good x7
    Good body language e- seemed involved in presentation
    really good examples for each motivation
    speech was way too long – no editing? X5
    no one used notes – well rehearsed
    Picked good books and films X6
    good eye contact
    I think you chose a really interesting topic – and used good sources too
    Hamlet & V comparison was best speaker - perfect/cool/good X10
    Joan of Arc was a good connection – very interesting/best part X3
    everyone was involved and spoke well
    Like the Pirates clip X6
    some speakers had too many hand motions (nerves?)
    they were all paying attention to one another
    Charlie was captivating
    too many words in the LOVE slides – too much to read/pay attention to
    final person was terrible – just read us the slide X6
    What about a crisis/time of disaster as motivation?
    Good use of artwork AND film clips (not just the latter)
    Summaries needed to be briefer, but they were good – speaker obviously worked hard
    good connections between characters

    (view changes)
    7:15 am
  5. page GROUP Three edited ... "V for Vendetta (2006) - IMDb." The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). 17 Mar. 2006. We…
    "V for Vendetta (2006) - IMDb." The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). 17 Mar. 2006. Web. 23 Jan. 2011. <>.
    Watchmen. Dir. Zack Snyder. Perf. Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson and Carla Gugino. 2009. Film.
    Lyrics. Web. <>.
    Group 3 FEEDBACK : Anti-Heroes and the Corruption of Power
    nice introduction to both group members and their topic – clear division of the group’s themes.
    Hancock opening – do I look like I care what people think?
    Reluctant hero label – very cynical and self-serving @ start of film
    Do Superheroes have to live by a separate moral and ethical code? Idea that people can hate a hero
    Ray Embry- convinces him to go to jail to show the citizens that he’s needed – paradigm shift
    Embry’s wife – provides cultural context for Hancock (his past) and gives purpose to his future
    A little too much summary of the film – focus more on the connection to your theme
    anti-hero – knows right versus wrong, but since no one can hold him accountable for his actions, there is no need to maintain a high morality
    Nice but too much summary on the film – more connections
    Good conclusion (6 minutes – too much time for other members?)
    V for Vendetta - Good analysis of the motivations behind his action -
    Good slide-show embedded in PPT
    Handle Bars – Flobots (Jordan) very nice connection of additional text into the analysis of the THEME
    Video excerpts – used judiciously
    Watchmen – summary excellent and application to the theme (no notecards)
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – McMurphy as anti-hero
    Missed the idea (?) that Ratched is a symbol of the government – those in power who control the population through manipulation and fear
    We love McMurphy because he bucks the system – corruption of power in this book/film is a great addition to your theme
    Dark Knight – (last segment starts at 20 minutes into the prez - yikes)
    “You die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”
    how can we love a vigilante? The thin line between anti-hero and savior (dark versus white knights)
    good analysis
    The hero can easily (when an anti-hero) become the villain because they can abuse their power – cross the lines of society
    Visual Aides – on the whole used well – time constraints an issue
    PPT – some of the text difficult to read (dark letters in first slide, yellow words on the grey background)
    Body language – very nice overall – nervous but that’s OK
    pressed on time, but there was a concerted effort to keep things brief
    Total run time 26 min.
    Some Class Notes:
    good clip/movies
    not everyone in the gropu seems to be listening – but were really good when they were presenting their section
    liked Rorschach video clip
    Watchman presenter was best – very poised, presented well X8
    Dark Knight presenter was good X4
    DK was perfect for their topic – very cool
    Flobots/Handlebars – very cool transition, very well presented X12
    “way to go Jordan for speaking and handling the computer both!”
    Everyone seemed organized
    V for Vendetta was the best part/liked the slideshow x5
    best part was the visual and music
    Hancock was very effective x3
    You did a good job using diverse subjects/literature
    Some fidgeting – some looked uninterested
    Hancock part was interesting, but way too long
    professional appearance
    engaging and knowledgeable x2
    very thorough, good use of videos x2
    everyone seemed comfortable
    everyone was obviously prepared x3
    theme was anti-hero, but Hancock is also reluctant hero (?)

    (view changes)
    7:06 am

Tuesday, January 25

  1. page Group TWO edited ... Wimbledon Wimbledon is a movie about talented young tennis player named Peter, who has been r…
    Wimbledon is a movie about talented young tennis player named Peter, who has been ranked 119 in the world. He earns a wildcard into the Wimbledon tournament. He resolves to quit after the last tournament when he is tired of dealing with the stress of playing a professional sport. He makes a vow to make the 2004 Wimbledon the last one he will participate in and carries on with his life by getting a job at a country club as well. As Wimbledon draws closer Peter becomes infatuated with a girl called Lizzie Bradbury a young American tennis pro. Peter falls in love with Lizzie and starts to actually get better at tennis as well. While their relationship evolves their tennis abilities evolve too. Peter eventually advances into the semi-finals and wins that match in straight sets and much focus. On the other hand we see Lizzie who loses her match because a lost of focus and she ends up heading back to America. Peter’s final match is incredibly intense in that it is against a player with whom he had fought with about Lizzie. He ends up winning the title with Lizzie by his side to cheer him. The story goes through a whole world wind of trials and tribulations consisting of the love for tennis and the love for another person. Peter faces a true monomyth throughout this decision to quit tennis because of his frustration with not being good enough. He then decides to take on a relationship, which could have gone either way.
    (Wimbledon Movie Trailer)
    James Blake
    James Blake has overcome substantial adversity in his lifetime. He is an American professional and number 138 in the world currently. His life has for sure not been easy, which is why many consider him a hero. At the age of five him and his brother started playing tennis. At the age of thirteen was diagnosed with sever scoliosis, which left him wearing a full length back brace for 18 hours a day excluding when he would play tennis. Yet he knew that it was not time to give up on tennis. In 2004, while Blake was ranked 43 in the world he broke his back in an accident on the court. He was running at full pace and hit the net post headfirst. Breaking his spine, he was forced to go through a grueling surgery. Not only was this a setback in his tennis career but his father and role model was also suffering at the same time with stomach cancer. Blake’s father slowly passed away after this. The worst was still to come, shortly after his father's death, Blake contracted Zoster, a rare virus that paralyzed half of his face and threatened to end his already jeopardized tennis career.
    Ice Hockey-Jordan Scahill
    Golf- Brennan Stewart
    Tony Rizzuto
    Works Cited
    Agassi, Andre. Open: an Autobiography. New York: A. Knopf, 2009. Print.
    (view changes)
    6:29 am

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  1. page Group TWO edited ... For the people living in this era, it was one of those moments where you remember exactly wher…
    For the people living in this era, it was one of those moments where you remember exactly where you were and exactly who you were with when the victory occurred. The players and coaches instilled pride back into the hearts of the American people when they needed it the most by playing and winning a simple game of ice hockey. The whole country was swept with emotion, and E.M. Smith explained in Sports Illustrated, ““It was an Olympian moment, the kind the creators of the Games must have had in mind, one that said: Here is something that is bigger than any of you.” After the game, Communist Party members went into the locker room of the Soviets and stated, “You guys just made the biggest mistake of your lives…Ten years from now, twenty years, everyone will still remember this game” (245). And they do.
    Players Transformed into Heroes:
    come true. Like the 1980 Olympic games, other sporting events such as the New England Patriots' victory in the Super Bowl the year after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, and the New Orleans Saints first Super Bowl win shortly after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina also serve as symbols of hope for a brighter future. Athletes and teams inspire thousands of people, therefore asserting their role of modern day heroes.
    Although not as popular as football, baseball, or basketball movies, there have still been a few substantial golf films that have been released. The idea of an “underdog” is prevalent in films about golf, due to the sport’s inherent emphasis on respect and etiquette instead of physical prowess. Since golf is also stereotyped as being a rather snobbish game for wealthy, upper-class men, golf films usually deal with the issues of elitism, segregation, and the clash of social classes. These conditions make underdog stories very popular, usually involving a younger, lower-class golfer “beating the odds” and triumphing over adversity.
    (view changes)
    9:30 pm
  2. page Group FIVE edited ... Throughout the movie, Patton (played by George C. Scott) exhibits cunning as a leader while pu…
    Throughout the movie, Patton (played by George C. Scott) exhibits cunning as a leader while pushing his army to drive the Nazis out of Africa, Italy and eventually back to Germany. As we discussed in class, soldiers can be prime examples of heroes. Patton is no exception to the concept. He is classified in the movie as the “perfect soldier,” and often makes references to how he is a reincarnated soldier from thousands of years ago.
    Nazi power.
    In the movie, this obsession is Patton’s key to success as much as it is his tragic flaw. After securing great victories in Northern Africa and Italy, he is relieved of his command because he slaps a soldier whom he believes is unfit to serve in his army. His drive to have the perfect fighting force, which would make him the most renowned general in the world, forced him to push his soldiers to the point that they either loved him or loathed him.
    Regardless of how Patton’s soldiers felt about him, he was reassigned after D-Day, and his desire for fame and glory shown brighter than ever. His army constantly had to delay its advances because his soldiers fought harder and won more victories than the other Allied armies, and Patton’s armies were too far ahead of the rest of the Allies. At one point, Patton’s tank battalions literally ran out of gas on the front lines because he has ordered them to continue advancing into enemy territory.
    Through Patton, we can see that heroes can be inspired to search and drive for fame with relentless pursuit. The general, although he never is given the five-star general rank, becomes as famous as Dwight D. Eisenhower and George C. Marshall, who were given the title, because of his unrelenting search for fame.
    of money.

    gangster movies
    “American Gangster.”
    Denzel Washington plays Frank Lucas, a historically accurate figure who created an enormous drug ring in Harlem in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. As an African American, Lucas goes head-to-head with the Italian mafia of New York City and effectively puts them out of business because of his ability to lower prices of his heroin. He was quoted in a magazine as saying that he wanted to be “Donald Trump” rich, and it is rumored that he made $1 million per day.
    Robin Hood is a complex character, from his stories in literature to the real person to the film character that we see portrayed, but he is a man that was willing to fight against those in power to do what was right.
    Many characters from film and literature of the past to the present are complex characters. Often not motivated by any one single factor, many have some political reasoning behind their actions, as we have just looked at. Heroes are plentiful in popular novels, films and other pieces of history and entertainment, and we can analyze all of them for the reasons explaining their actions.
    are in.
    Outside of film and literature, there are real people who have been motivated by the need for change in a time of strife and crisis.
    Time of Cultural Crisis
    became heroes!

    Luther King
    and injustice.
    On August 28th Dr. King led one of the greatest days in history. The March on Washington is said to be the largest civil rights demonstration in history with nearly 250,000 people in attendance. On this day from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. King delivered one of the greatest speeches in the world, titled "I Have A Dream." In this speech, he advocated for freedom, peace and justice. This speech was a defining moment for the American Civil Rights Movement. Heard around the world Dr. King inspired a nation. Dr. King was a man of great respect, duty, and honor who stood up for something that he believed, and because of how he lived his life, this ordinary man helped changed the world and the culture that he was born in.
    he had.
    Gandhi always told his people that to achieve freedom, you must not be violent, there are ways to protest, there are ways to speak out and stand up for what you believe in without being violent. Gandhi was so impactful that even MLK read his books and used his methods while following his teachings, to lead his people to freedom. The things Gandhi did most men would not, and I think that this is what makes someone be a hero. Gandhi was also assassinated for what he stood for. Amazingly it was by one of the people that he had helped free. It was an Indian.
    leads to destruction.destruction".
    Mahatma Gandhi
    An"An eye for
    Mahatma Gandhi
    These men were heroes because of the things they did in their life, when they woke up they did not expect to be heroes, they just believed in something and stood up to fight for it. But no one could ever imagine this could be done without violence. These men devoted their life to a great cause, even were killed because of what they believed. They were not destined to become heroes, they did not have any special powers, but these men lived a life that a normal man did not. These men did an extraordinary thing. And what was there motive? Were these men seen as rebels? Well I would say that these men lived in a time period that was like no other. For MLK to be a black man in America during segregation was like being and Indian in the time of British rule for Gandhi.
    Similar to Hamlet’s vision of his father’s ghost, many heroes have been motivated by a form of a vision. Heroes such as Joan of Arc had visions as a young girl to free France from England. These visions often times are religious symbols that direct heroes and heroines to a path of action. Some of the more famous heroes that have been motivated by religion are Joan of Arc, Constantine and Antigone.
    is possible.

    story of
    of Arc.

    heroic tale
    a saint.
    Joan is a cultural hero in part due to the heavy influence religion had on her actions. It was not oppression by the English, or a passionate loyalty to her country that drove her into battle. It was the belief that she was a messenger sent by God, which lead her to greatness. She was an ordinary girl provided with an exceptional opportunity to make an impact. She is also a tragic hero, in that her “gift” is also her hamartia. She is tried as heretic and ultimately burned at the stake for her crimes. Her faith in God, the Catholic God, actually gets her killed by the Catholic Church. Below is a transcript that demonstrates this in the film The Messenger.
    Cauchon: Jeanne, be careful, you’re not helping yourself by refusing to submit to our judgment.
    (The Messenger)
    Joan of Arc is just one example of a tragic hero motivated by religion. It was religion that fueled her passion and inspired the French army to fight. While Joan viewed religion positively, other heroes are forced into faith, not by choice, but by destiny.
    the film.
    John: When I was a kid I could see things. Things humans aren’t suppose to see. Things you shouldn’t have to see. My parents were normal. They did what most parents would do. They made it worse. You think you’re crazy long enough you find a way out.
    Angela: You tried to kill yourself.
    Disney’s version of this story is not as simple, and includes more challenges for the prince (who has been named Prince Phillip) on his journey to save Briar Rose (who has been renamed Princess Aurora). In this version, Prince Phillip battles the evil Queen Maleficent, who tries everything in her power to stop him from succeeding, including turning into a dragon. However, Prince Phillip prevails and is able to claim his love.
    This video depicts the obstacles that Prince Phillip faced when journeying to the castle where Princess Aurora was sleeping. By facing the challenges with courage and bravery, he shows his heroism and great motivation to win the love of the Princess.
    and Andromeda.

    the knight
    one another.
    It is clear from the very beginning of the film that most of Will’s actions are done with Elizabeth in mind. He is motivated to go after the cursed pirate ship because of his love for her. He makes many moral sacrifices, particularly because he must live like a pirate for some time while he is working with Jack. Just like any other classic hero, he shows courage and bravery in the face of danger and prevails over evil in the end, all for the sake of Elizabeth.
    This clip (beginning at the 2:40 mark), shows how Will is ready to sacrifice himself in order to secure Elizabeth's freedom. Many heroic tales feature the theme of sacrifice, as it shows how far the hero is willing to go to achieve his or her goals. When the main motivation for the hero is love, the hero will often sacrifice him or herself for the benefit of the one they love.
    true hero.
    Mr. Darcy’s transformation arguably begins after his first proposal to Elizabeth, which she brazenly rejects. Her rejection makes him realize his great many faults. His love for her is clearly established by this point, as he states, “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” (Austen, p. 125). It is this love for her that influences him to make changes in his life. In order to make up for his wrongdoing, he assists Elizabeth’s family in several ways, including saving her family from immense disgrace after Elizabeth’s younger sister runs off and gets married. Social status was of utmost importance during this time period, therefore Mr. Darcy’s actions can be seen as equivalent to saving their lives. Though Elizabeth suspects that Mr. Darcy played a role in her family’s social salvation, he does not explicitly tell her until his second proposal, in which he states, “If you will thank me let it be for yourself alone. That the wish of giving happiness to you, might add force to the other inducements which led me on, I shall not attempt to deny. But your family owe me nothing. Much as I respect them, I believe, I thought only of you” (Austen, 239). Though his actions may not have been as overt as those of the heroes in myths and fairytales, they are motivated by his love for Elizabeth, and are committed with the hope of winning her over in the end.
    (view changes)
    9:00 pm